Advanced Staffing Associates


Q- How do I get paid?

A- We pay our employees by Direct Deposit. It will go directly into your back account at the end of the week.

Q- Will you withdraw taxes, social security and unemployment from my weekly paycheck or do I have to take care of that on my own?

A- Yes, we will take care of that for you. It will be automatically withdrawn by ASA.

Q- What happens if I get hurt on the job?

A- No worries, we provide workers comp, insurance and professional liability- You're covered!

Q- What is involved in the application process?

A- You would come to our office to meet with a Recruiter to discuss what you are looking for. To become a member of the ASA staff, we would have you fill out paperwork for our company which includes authorizations for background checks and you would provide us with proof of ID and whatever credentials you hold.

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