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Q- What if we decide while the temp employee is working for us that we would like to hire her or him on a permanent basis, can that be arranged?

A- Yes, we can certainly arrange that. It's not uncommon for our temp clients to want to hire our employees who have worked on a contract assignment for them and become an integral part of their office. One of our client's favorite programs is Temp to Perm. This program will allow you to test the new employee in your work enviroment, seeing if they are right for your business.

Q- Can we still hire a temp even if we're not sure what the duration of the assignment will be?

A- Yes. You can keep our temp employee as long as necessary. Contract assignments are generally a minimum of 12 weeks, but we can work with you to accommodate what ever needs you may have, whether it be for a longer or shorter period of time. We are here to help your business in any way possible!

Q- Does your staff have current CPR/AED certifications up to date?

A- Yes, our patient care staff has CPR/ AED certifications when required. Some also have PMT and Med certifications.

Q- Do you do background checks?

A- Yes, we do  background checks for all employees and can also provide a background check that covers all states in the US.

Q- Can we call you after office hours and on weekends if we have an urgent staffing need?

A- We provide all of our clients and staff with a 24/7 dedicated staffing number that will be answered by our staff.

Q- Who pays the employee? Are our employees covered under workers comp?

A- Our temporary employees are on our payroll. All insurance, including professional liability, taxes and workman's compensation are paid by us. These are very important factors to consider when creating a partnership with staffing agencies.

Q- How fast can you provide services?

A- We will start our staffing or recruiting process as soon as we receive our approved contract and information to complete our job orders.

Q- What kind of jobs do you fill?

A- We fill all front and back office positions in a variety of industries as well as many clinical roles including Nurses, Technologists and MA's. We also fill positions in Legal offices, Hospitality, Dental offices, etc..

Q- Why should I use your service instead of filling the positon on my own?

A- Since temporary staffing is our business, we can send someone to you right away to fulfill your staffing needs. In addition, all insurance, inlcuding professional liability, taxes and workman's compensation are paid by us so the employee is not on your payroll We save you both time and money!

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